Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Have you wanted to drop a few pounds? We use a combination of phentermine and injections to help you achieve your desired weight goal. We don’t believe in severe calorie restrictions and focus on teaching you new habits for long-lasting results. We do require you qualify for the program by having a BMI of over 25 and blood pressure under 140/80. We also require you get baseline lab testing and meet with the provider for a medical screening. 

Our physician managed weight loss program includes weight monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, labs (drawn on site for a fee), medication, and optional vitamin injections. Our weight loss packages start as low as $70/mo.

Some things to remember when coming in for your weight loss consultation:

Please download, print and complete the following forms: 

We will also be looking at your:

  • CBC – Complete Blood Count
  • CMP – Complete Metabolic Panel
  • TSH – Thyroid Function

*If you could bring the last set of labs (drawn within the last 6 months) from your Primary Care Physician with you, we will be able to complete a more comprehensive initial consultation.

Our Weight Loss program Clients average a loss of 10-20 pound per month.

Your BMI

Bronze Membership


  • 30 Day Weight Loss RX Prescription of Phentermine, 37mg
  • 4 Weekly Weigh-Ins
Silver Membership


  • 30 Day Weight Loss RX Prescription of Phentermine, 37mg
  • 4 B12 Injections
  • 4 Weekly Weigh-Ins
Gold Membership


  • 30 Day Weight Loss RX Prescription of Phentermine, 37mg
  • 4 B12 Injections
  • 2 Fat Burner Injections
  • 4 Weekly Weigh-Ins
Platinum Membership


  • 30 Day Weight Loss RX Prescription of Phentermine, 37mg
  • 4 B12 Injections
  • 4 Fat Burner Injections
  • 4 Weekly Weigh-Ins

Prepay 3 months in advance and SAVE the $50.00 Initiation Fee.
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Success Stories

I am an active 47-year-old male. I like to be outdoors and enjoy exercising. Over the last five years, I've managed to gain approximately 30 pounds. While I thought my activities would be enough to lose weight I realized I was fooling myself. My eating habits were not ideal. I started looking for ways to kick start a weight loss program and came across Deja Vu. I thought they were a business that catered towards women as I knew them as Botox and cosmetics.

To my surprise, they are so much more. They were offering a Summer Weight Loss plan so I inquired in late July of 2019. Like other businesses that offer these services I thought, one they were extremely costly, and two, they are "gimmicky". I had consulted with a few other companies and when I received the information from Deja Vu I was blown away. They offered so much more. After consulting with the professionals, I was convinced and decided to dedicate myself. I needed the boost and accountability and they offered it. They opened my eyes to my eating habits. They said they could tell I went to the gym and understood the struggles I was encountering regarding weight loss. My favorite quote, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym".


I began my weight loss on a bad day, July 27th, 2019. Why was this a bad day? I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fight. I had a few beers and ate. I weighed in on July 26th at 232 pounds. My goal, get back to 200. On August 27th, I weighed 219 pounds. I was hoping I'd lose weight fast but losing it in a healthy way was more rewarding. I'm still in the gym 3 days a week and tell myself that muscle weighs more than fat so the number on the scale may not always reflect how I'm feeling. I also started paying more attention to what I was eating. I cut out bread and pasta. I reduced the amount of red meat (and I love a good steak). I still enjoy a drink but because I don't want to mess up my gains, I'm accountable to myself now where I wasn't before. As I'm writing this I'm now at 214 pounds. I'm halfway there. What has changed my life is my attention to the details of food. I'm hoping I can continue this habit and once I get to my goal weight, I'll continue to stay in maintenance mode. I'll still enjoy my cheat days but will have to stay committed so the weight doesn't creep back on.

The staff at Deja Vu have been motivating, fun, and most of all, have challenged me. I'm not one to back down from a challenge. When I first visited Deja Vu, I admit I was a little hesitant. I was greeted by a staff of all women and thought they wouldn't understand me. I was wrong, they have all been great and I feel I can openly communicate with them. They have made me feel more than just a customer. With all of the services they offer there is no avoiding getting to know them.

Jason S.

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Read our frequently asked questions below to see if you can find the answer you're looking for!

Who is a good candidate for the weight loss program?

You must have a BMI of 25 or more to qualify and need to have a normal blood pressure of 140/80 or less. Calculate your BMI here.

What do you use to help people lose weight?

We educate you on how to make better lifestyle choices starting with diet and exercise. We also add phentermine and B12 shots for clients that qualify.

Do I have to exercise?

Great abs are made in the kitchen. You do not need to exercise but we encourage you to engage in more physical activity to have long-lasting results.

Do I have to change my diet?

We do not believe in severe calorie restricting like the HCG diet. We will recommend a calorie range and food tracking to help you lose weight faster.

Are there contraindications for the weight loss program?

We will not recommend phentermine as part of the weight loss program if you have high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart arrhythmia, heart disease, or heart surgery. We may be able to help you with vitamin shots and a diet plan to help you achieve your goals.

What kind of results can I expect?

On average you can expect to lose two to five pounds per week or eight to twenty pounds per month. This will depend on how much effort you put into your weight loss.

What kind of monitoring is done to help me succeed?

Weekly monitoring is the key to success. You should come in once per week to be weighed and have your blood pressure checked. You will receive feedback on your progress and suggestions to lose additional weight.

How often do I get my medication?

You will receive a one month supply every month.

How many months can I be on the medication?

You can be on the medication for three or four months depending on your weight loss goals.

Can I go back on the medication if I have not reached my goals?

Yes, you can go back on the medication after you take a two-month break. Phentermine can become addictive and your body will not respond as well over time. Once you have taken a break, it will be as effective as the first time. 

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