Jennifer Dursteler, B.S., M.S., PA-C

Jennifer Dursteler provides training from shadowing to hands-on training. She can provide half-day to full-day training and will base the price on your individual needs.

She will cover the following:

  • Identify the anatomy and physiology of the face, with special attention to blood vessels and nerves to safely inject neuromodulators and fillers.
  • Learn facial muscle anatomy and formulate a treatment plan including the number of units to properly treat clients.
  • Learn to Inject botulinum toxin to reduce the risk of infection and side effects.
  • Learn how the face changes with age and how best to correct the issues.
  • Learn about each filler, including duration, indication and expected results.
  • Learn filler injection techniques for optimal patient outcomes while avoiding/reducing the risk of complications.
  • Learn how to manage possible filler complications.
  • Learn appropriate pre and post-care and how to discuss with clients.
  • Learn how to properly document procedures with photos and procedure notes.

Please email her at with any questions and to get a quote.

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